From England with Love; the drop-top Aston Martin DB11 Volante

The very sexy and the very windy, the very Bond-mobile is finally here!!!

Aston Martins are for the rich and the beautiful, and if you fall in this category, then Aston’s latest DB 11 top-off is just the car for you. Well, there are a lot of reasons to support my hypothesis; for starters, you need to have that kind of crazy money to afford one of these Bond-mobiles. Secondly, the car will suit your luxury taste of oak wood and leather trim combinations as much as it will suit your smug rich kid face at the steering wheel. So while the owners of one of these top-offs enjoys the beautiful blue sky on a warm sunny day and a sea of jealous faces, the receiving end will probably enjoy the mind-blowingly sexy exteriors of the DB11 which comes attached with a bold rich bloke from LA.

Okay, enough criticising, let’s appreciate the car for its true ingenuity and jaw-dropping looks. I mean look at her, it’s like a supermodel who’s top just came off; she will definitely make heads turn. And even if your blind, your head will still turn to appreciate the under bellow of that V8.

It’s been a year since we first saw the DB11 coupe and Aston have managed to retain a lot of the coupe’s technology in the Volante: the four seats for instance, the three-stage engine, the suspension settings, the torque vectoring and the limited-slip differential. So it appears that other than the fabric folding roof which by the way is available in a vast colour spectrum of red, black and grey, Aston Martin has managed to keep the drop-top as identical to the coupe as possible. Or is it?

Aston Martin has incorporated the latest in chassis design for their drop-off DB11, one that’s stronger than the DB9’s chassis but at the same time lighter, making the latest Volante 26kg lighter than the DB9 Volante, but its still a 110 kilos heavier than the V8 powered DB11 coupe.

Let’s get back to what visually sets the Volante aside; the fabric top, personally, not a fan, I prefer folding metal roof but Aston has gone through some great lengths to make it a success so let me share this info with you anyway. Insulation; this primary concern was dealt with by tests conducted at the bitter chills of the Arctic Circle and at the death by a sun-stroke; Death Valley. This eight-layered fabric has not only succeeded in insulating the vehicle but has also aced its acoustic examination. Pretty cool huh, I still don’t prefer the fabric folding roof!

Some more interesting fabric folding roof facts, which I couldn’t care less about: So while the roof takes 15 seconds to convert itself and can be done while driving at 48 kmph or during crosswinds of 48 kmph, the tent also works in the favourer of weight distribution, a 47/53 front/rear split, giving you tidy corners at fast speeds.

Unfortunately, you can’t have a V12 Volante, I assume it because the drop head has already gained 110 kilos with its V8, image how much more will gain with a massive V12. Anyway, the Twin turbocharged V8 in the Volante will produce 503bhp and will reach from 0 to 100kmph in a lengthy 4.1 seconds, and will continue till it reaches its top speed of 300kmph.

So just like that Hollywood movie ‘Shallow Hal’ where Hal is attracted to women, whose souls could not keep up with their amazing external beauty, the DB11’s incompetent V8 soul struggles to keep up with the external goddess like façade its designer has bestowed up it.

Let’s me know your views on this topless English supermodel in the comment section.

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Image credit: Aston Martin

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  • Think the roof-down look helps the DB11 out aesthetically. Great work! And as always, thanks for sharing it with my tribe :)

      3 years ago