From munich to tbilisi, georgia

2y ago


6 adventurous friends. 3 Mercedes W124, not young anymore but ready to experience their best times.
We’ve always loved speed and the smell of petrol, eager to travel to places no other tourists usually visit and do a lot of crazy shit on the way. So we decided on a cool team name, the Madcaps, and started at the Allgäu Orient Rally in April 2016. A 3 week long adventure from Germany, all through Turkey to Georgia. 10 000 kilometers later we’re exploding from amazing memories, just passing the finish line (first, of course).
There were several rools for the rally, first: the cars should not cost more than 1111,11€ or have to be older than 20 years. Second, you are not allowed to use a navigation system or use freeways, every team can choose their own route though(until Istanbul). Third, sleeping is only allowed in the cars or in nature.
All cars were left back in Turkey, their parts being sold there for a good cause.
The main prize was a camel, one of the reasons we took part. But mainly, having an awesome trip where you can do good, drive like a madman and do crazy stuff all at the same time!

We started the Rally in Bavaria, went through Austria crossing the still snowy Alps to Slovenia. All in all we passed 10 countries, finally reaching beautiful Georgia, then going back to Dalayan in Turkey, where the finish line was.

This will give you a brief overview of our trip :-)

First stop in the alps after we passed Kitzbühel, Day 1.

After we left Austria behind us, we stopped in Slovenia on Day 2.

Soon we arrived in Turky, which was the first major stop and where we met all the other rally participants. It ended up in a big party and we were quite late for the mass start the day after.

Oh Istanbul! Best view from the Bosporus Bridge is definitely on top of a Mercedes, that for sure.

Where we slept on the Rally? We organized the cars in a circle and slept in the back. The back row of chairs was taken out before and instead we put matresses inside. It was really really comfortable, we actually miss it a lot.

The hospitality of the people we met on the way was overwhelming. Often, we woke up in the middle of nowhere with curious strangers checking out our cars and then inviting us to have tea or lunch with them. Common language: hand and feet.

Most beautiful place to change a tire, looking at the lower Kaukasus in Georgia

We had some great ideas on the way! Like driving on train tracks…

…or converting one of our beasts into a cabrio!

This was just a brief summary of our latest trip! Stay tuned for more detailed storys :-)

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