- Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise from the 1981 movie Cannonball Run

From NY to CA

Well I was inspired to write again. If you like the idea please share and maybe it could happen.

In the last several months the cannonball run record has been broke a couple times. It inspired me to even start planning my own cannonball run. When going over the mileage and planning out the gas stops I started thinking about how the Top Gear/Grand Tour crew never did a cannonball run. If found it very curious why they wouldn't do it. Maybe they thought it just would not be entertaining to watch them drive across the country in 30 some odd hours. It could be boring, but after some thought I think I have come up with a good challenge that they could do a whole special on.

Of course doing a cannonball take a lot of planning. To do one you will need a car (obviously), a route, planned gas stops, and co-pilots. The basic for the challenge are as follows somewhere between $3,000-$5,000 for a budget on the car. Anything you don's spend on the car you can use to modify it, extra gas tank, radar scanners, and other such modifications. Each one of the guys has to find a co-pilot. It would be best if the co-pilot would be a celebrity. I believe this would pull in extra viewers and be exciting to watch the guys hang out with other celebrities for an hour. And obviously since this is a race first one to the finish line at the Portifino Hotel is the winner.

This is not a long post, but I think it is an interesting idea. If you are reading this and want to see this happen share it. Maybe with enough support it can become a thing.

Thank you!

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