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Just like the other 6million followers Jeremy Clarkson has on twitter I physically jump off my seat, straight to my computer desk and signed in to Twitter.
Clicked Clarkson’s link and started reading all about Drivetribe. The thing that caught my eye was a quote from the big man himself:
“I Didn’t Understand Drivetribe until Richard Hammond Told Me It’s like YouPorn for Cars”
From that moment on, I stole that quote and told everyone. Not because I’m some sort of sex pest and get a bit excited over the word Porn; but because this meant that it could be my one and only chance to do exactly what Jezza does. Entertain and have fun at your job.

Source:Jeremy Twitter

Source:Jeremy Twitter

What on earth would grab Jeremy Clarkson & Co.’s attention? I mean let’s face it there was a very high chance that I wouldn’t be the only one applying. So I grabbed my Samsung S6 and headed on to Gumtree to find the first cheap van that was available.
I bought a cheap French horrible van that was probably about as fast as a petrol lawnmower and as much use as a chocolate fire guard. Regardless I stuck to my guns and made what I thought was a good idea. Now I can’t reveal too much on this article as to what I went out and done as I have made a newer and better version of my first ever film, except in a much better van: The Transit

Thinking the whole thing would be a piece of cake, after watching Top Gear since a child I set to work only to be slapped in the face abruptly. It’s not as easy as they make it out you know. In fact it’s actually a complete pain in the arse to get right. Never the less I wasn’t 100% sure on time limits or skill set or whether or not I was even doing the right thing. I sat my phone up, spent roughly 5 hours recording scene’s and a further 2 hours travelling the borders of Scotland to get some amazing footage in only to discover that I could have filmed in the most beautiful locations in the world but I was still in a French van so nothing in god’s earth would make that fantastic.



Downloaded a free editing software and away I went having basically no clue what I was doing and absolutely NO experience on anything remotely close to what I was attempting to do but never the less look…I’m here!!
So after several YouTube lessons on how to edit and produce, and then uploading it to the ‘soon to be not as famous’ YouTube and sent in the links to Drivetribe: Now the worst part….the long long long wait, in which every day up until I received the email consisted of me checking the Drivetribe social media page, Googling Drivetribe & Jeremy Clarkson every day, Checking the site hourly, pulling my hair out thinking why would the most famous presenters in the world want me on their site and well I can keep going on with the almost Phyco and creepily stalking stories but I think I’ve made my point.
So several weeks later, having calmed down a little bit from my stalker trend, basically admitting that I had no chance of being accepted as a leader, opened my emails for something on a completely different subject and seen Drivetribe in my received folder. Well that was it, I screamed like a little girl in my partners face, I wrote several statuses on Facebook and twitter and went straight into planning what they heck to do. It was like a child hood dream coming true for me. I can’t even explain how happy and over the moon I felt. It was at that moment I realised I had no experience, no equipment, and very little knowledge on filming other than those sly snap chat moments you had when it first came out to your partner.
And look, after receiving no training, no funding, no help, no nothing really I’ve managed to produce a couple of films (which probably aren’t the best) however I am proud I managed to do it all alone and even produce to the quality I did given I only had a Samsung S6 and a laptop. I jamp the gun a bit and stopped my day time job and I won’t lie that was a bit of a risk given I have my family, however I love what I do now, I feel like Jeremy just nowhere near as powerful. I love waking up and jumping into whatever I have on test outside that week. I love meeting all the new people I have so far and most of all I love to entertain although that still remains to be seen. Now I am not going to drivel on any further about every single thing I’ve done since then as know one would read it anyway. I just really wanted to give my experience of Drivetribe to everyone who cares to read my article and always remember and know that if I can do it so can you. What Jeremy & Co are doing is secretly very clever but at the same time publicly genius. Jump on the band wagon. If you don’t succeed at least you have the knowledge of knowing that you’re stuff has probably been seen by your child hood role models (or was I the only one who hated spider man and so on?)

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