- The best looking police car ever, apart from all the ones in Arab countries but they don't count.

From Shagging Sheep to Running them Down.

The South Wales police force are currently trialing a Raptor!

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First off, don't tell me this doesn't look badass. The Ranger Raptor looks very cool indeed in my opinion and the police livery makes it the ultimate crime fighting automobile. Or does it.

With a top speed of 105mph, almost all cars owned, or more realistically stolen, by the youth of southern Wales will be able to outrun it. Ford claims that the Raptor has more than enough speed and power to keep up with the youths making a getaway across "gravel, mud and sand". What about tarmac? I know the roads in the UK aren't exactly spanish, but the last time I checked they weren't rally stages either. If you've ever watched one of those Police Interceptor programs, the baddies almost always ditch the car in either, a ditch, or hedge and then make a getaway on foot. Now how moronic would you be to try your hand at rallying in some old woman's knackered golf you nicked on your way through Swansea?

To be fair, the Raptor would make a good battering ram, something I have also seen happen on Police Interceptors. I also witnessed a case of accidental battering in London the other day. I was walking along Oxford Street to get my Mum a christmas present and came across the whole junction by Tottenham Court Road being jammed up. From what I could tell, Sargent Buck had driven into the side of a CEO's Mercedes in his Vauxhall van. They then proceeded to cut the roof off the Merc, but thats a whole column in its self. But I do understand the attraction of playing bumper cars, it was always my favourite thing to do at the pier in Weston Super Mud.

A picture of the now convertible Mercedes is on my profile.

A picture of the now convertible Mercedes is on my profile.

In most cases of full-on off road police persuits, I would imagine the crooks are on KTMs doing wheelies over fences or Range Rovers or something. Whatever it is, the liklyhood is that a Raptor couldn't keep up with it. Now this isn't a dig at South Wales Police force because they clearly wanted a cool new car and I really can't blame them. I guess my beef with this is more with the Raptor it's self. They should get F150 Raptors if they really wanted to catch crims out in the sticks. They are also trialing the new Focus ST estate with a 155 mph top speed, so exactly the same as the majority of new cars worth nicking.

So, in short, well done South Wales Police force for bagging yourselves some sweet new rides. But sheep beware! There is nowhere you can hide now the welsh have off road vehicles.

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