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Welcome to my favorite spot to see classic cars, modern exotics and even tractors. I want to introduce you to the world that is "Classic Remise" a place located in Düsseldorf, Germany. Classic Remise is a former roundhouse for steam locomotives, build in 1930. The building was renovated in the mid 2000s to become what it is today. A haven for car enthusiasts of all sorts. The building was converted with the former aesthetics still in place such as the looks of the doors for each locomotive bay. The place was originally called "Meilenwerk" but later changed to Classic Remise, I am not sure if there was a change in ownership or what caused this. However, let me take you for a tour of the facility and explain to you why it is a must see when you are in the area.

The former turntable area

Where once the turntable was to move the enormous locomotives to their designated bay is now an open showroom floor. The showroom floor area was covered with a giant domed roof and features multiple different dealership offices. The area itself houses the cars for sale and you never know what you might find. You will find cars from long gone companies like Bizzarrini to your classic VW Beetle to Porsche tractors and modern supercars. The inventory is of course always changing, which makes the drive there even more enjoyable since you have time to build up the suspense for the days treats.

The mezzanine and Cafe

A Cafe/Restaurant is also located inside which is nice for some Kaffee und Kuchen (coffee and cake) on a Sunday afternoon or for a dinner. Inside the cafe you will find a lot of model cars decorating the place and the large windows let you admire the cars while you eat. My wife and I once enjoyed some gourmet burgers while looking at a pair of classic fastback Mustangs, that was when the 50th anniversary for the Mustang was, what better way to celebrate than that! Along the cafe is also a mezzanine area which gives you a great view of the entire showroom and a different perspective of the cars which you don't usually get.

Car storage in snow whites glass coffin

There is more to Classic Remise than just a showroom and a Cafe. If you want you can park your priceless car in a glass storage box. The glass boxes remind me of snow whites glass coffin, as the cars are preserved while they are sleeping. The glass boxes are located in the area that formerly housed the steam locomotives. You can rent a storage place for your car to reside in whenever you are not needing it. The storage is on a metal plate and there are two levels of car storage. Just like a giant vending machine your car will be cycled around and brought to you if it is on the 2nd level. Just like the showroom, you never know what you will find in storage there. Some cars I have seen for many years there such as a beautiful blue Bugatti EB110 and a Ford GT but sometimes there are new guests. I once saw a cream colored Aston Martin One-77 which took me by surprise. If you are lucky you will see an owner take their car out for a spin I once saw a Lady take her Ferrari Dino out for a spin on a Saturday afternoon. Also if you know some of the cars that are regulars there and their spot is empty you are hoping to see them come in after their excursion. There are also some cars that seem to be there in long term storage like an F40 that has an inch of dust on it. I can definitely see the appeal to store your car here, perhaps you don't have room at home, want the security or simply need to get away from your home office and take the car out to clear your mind. The facility is of course climate and humidity controlled to preserve your car in the best way possible. If you do need some service you are in luck, which brings me to the next section.

Services and more showroom

On the opposite side of the glass boxes are some more dealership offices and service garages. There are different service garages for all of your different needs. From coachworks, full on restorations, interior, leather works, detailing to tune ups. Everything to ensure your car is well taken care of is represented. Above the offices and garages is another mezzanine, which hosts more cars for sale and exhibitions that are everchanging like the history of the drivers license in Germany. There are also large windows that let you peak into the service garages from above.

Car events and club meets

There are also different events hosted there such as an autumn festival, one last meet for classics before the winter break. Also a Lamborghini club used to be a regular there for meetings. An event space is also available for up to 600 guests. Anyone fancy a Drivetribe event there?

Conclusion, something for everyone

As you can see there is something for every car enthusiast at the Classic Remise. A few items that I had not yet mentioned, there is also an area that sells and services motorcycles. From Ducati's and Vespa's to Harley-Davidson. There are also a couple of shops for automotive collectibles, models and books and a boutique that specializes in car apparel with a focus on Steve McQueen and Gulf.

This is by far my favorite place to visit when it comes to automotive. You just never know what you will see for sale, in glass boxes or simply in the parking lot. You will find some real gems that other visitors drove there like a Countach or a beautifully spec'd Scuderia 16M. When I still lived close by I often visited the place, now that I live in the U.S. it is a must visit whenever I go and visit my parents in Germany. There is also a Classic Remise in Berlin which I have not visited yet but perhaps one day. There are also some other locations based on the same concept throughout Germany such as Klassikstadt in Frankfurt, Motorworld in Böblingen and München. The plan is to visit those too one day. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the tour of this great place. Here are a few more impressions from the place to give you even more reason to visit.

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  • What a wonderful place for relaxing, having a snack, and endless browsing through unusual cars. To think that you could actually buy one if it appealed to you. It would be safer to leave your wallet and credit cards at home! Great article!

      11 days ago
    • Thank you. That is a good point, otherwise you might come home with another car.

        11 days ago
    • I want to come home with that green 3.0 CSL 😍

        11 days ago
  • We go there Almost every Week. A friend of my dad had a Ferrari dino there.

      8 days ago
    • Nice, it didn't happen to be the blue one I pictured is it?

        8 days ago
    • Warum schreib ich eigentlich auf englisch... Ne, war ein roter 246 gestern in berlin. Ich glaube der steht garnicht mehr da.

        8 days ago
  • Great article! If you don't have a place to continue writing, you're welcome to join us at OPPO.

      8 days ago
  • Confirmed, I live close to Düsseldorf and I visit Classic Remise quite regularly. Fantastic place. If you'd like to see some more pictures:

      10 days ago
  • 😍 I feel warm all over….

      11 days ago