From the archives: the Jaguar XJ reinvented

45w ago
- An early press photo for the Jaguar XJ (X351).

Here’s an early press photo for the Jaguar XJ (X351). Through an accident on JLR’s part, Lucire was the first magazine to publish a photo of the XJ legitimately (i.e. not breaking embargoes) when, for a brief moment, Jaguar accidentally allowed one to appear on its press site. We were waiting for the release time, and kept refreshing the page. We thought that the time had arrived, downloaded the pic, published it—only to then revisit the press gallery and find that it had gone. We were a few hours early. This wasn’t the pic, but it reminded me of that serendipitous moment. Others may have run scoop or leaked photos by then, but we were still the first to do it straight from the correct source.

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