from the Garage: Series Quiz

Produced from 1932 to 1953, what engine ignited a love for V8's in the US?

  • The Oldsmobile Rocket 88
  • The Flathead Ford
  • The DeSoto Firedome Hemi

Before 1939, hydraulic brakes weren't even an option on Ford automobiles?

  • True
  • False

Lowering the height of a cars roof is a process known as?

  • channeling
  • chopping
  • sectioning

The molding of a car's headlight rings to its fenders and altering the way the headlights are changed is known as?

  • decking
  • shaving
  • frenching

Lowering a car's body over the frame rails and then rebuilding the floor, is called?

  • sub-framing
  • sectioning
  • channeling

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