- All photos taken by me!

FrontiArt Koenigsegg Agera FE Thor

More photos of my new 1:18 Koenigsegg but this time with some sun out!

The last time I shared photos of my new model it was about to start raining which made for some dark and stormy photos of the god of thunder (Link to those at the end) but now the summer sun is out so I took even more! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

In case you missed my last post about this car:

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Comments (10)

  • Sheeesh

      6 days ago
  • That is beautiful.

      5 days ago
  • Can it be removed from its stand?

      6 days ago
  • I love it, but I prefer ones made by AutoArt

      6 days ago
    • Yea I’ve got a One:1 by autoart, I like that it opens up but I’m always kinda scared to because it’s a bit cheaply made and seems like it’ll break if I even remotely need to apply force to open up either trunk. Also the right side door gap on the I got...

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        6 days ago
    • Oh my

        6 days ago