Frosty Country - slide fun!

2y ago


It's not every day throughout this time of year that I can wake up in the morning, look out of one's window and find the sky free of cloud and a low sunrise lighting up the frost tarnished grasslands. This Sunday however, was one of those days.

Grab the bucket, sponge, chamois and wax for the snarling, British, special edition 94 black triple AKA The Beast must be prepped! 7am and minus 2 made for a fantastic wash session...NOT! Regardless the relatively acute time spent doing so is always well rewarded when you stand back and grant your sparkling masterpiece complete!

The phone rings "Hey dude, a friend and I off out to the Burnham bends, want to join?" my friend asks. "Of course I blazing well do!" In a hurried dash I pile my kit on, and when I say pile, I do not mean the bowel kind, I refer to my quite literal pile of clothing under my leathers. Not limited to a thermal layer, a jumper, a Norwegian Roll neck and of course the leather jacket itself. Bank robbery disguise donned (Balaclava) I settle my Arai Rebel lid onto my noggin, turn on the Bluetooth and set the playlist to the aptly named 'Stonkingly fast trail blazing stuff'.

Leaning in...

There's always time for stunts...

I set up my angles, including sitting in the middle of the road at one point, stupidity goes out of the window for the right shot!

Bentley Perkins

Riding along with me was a KTM Superduke 1290r and a Suzuki Sv650, with a relatively good pace we rode for many miles, Testing my new set of boots along with the bikes new set of tyres was an interesting experience to say the least, definitely some major tweaking needed regarding my boot contact on the foot levers! Reviews on both the change from Metzler Racetec RR to Sportec M7rr and The Alpinestar SMX-6 boots to come soon!

It was chilly, but going through Battlebridge, Retendon, Steeple, Latchingdon, Burnham and even Maldon at one point was absolutely stunning with the low sun bouncing warm sunlight all over the place. What a perfect opportunity for some photographs! We stopped off at a nice sweeping bend that was relatively free of morning dew. I set up my angles, including sitting in the middle of the road at one point, stupidity goes out of the window for the right shot! I also had some taken of me which made a superb change, Some of the shots taken can be seen above and below!

The fun... or technically not so much fun depending on your view of ditch diving? Came on the ride home. The sunset, now directly in our eyes, the evening dew point setting a beautiful low fog as well as drenching the road's once again. The bikers among you will know that the Autumn leaf fall, coupled with blind corners and a damp surface on a countryside single track road is cause for some serious care or you find yourself risking a low side or even a impervious and painful high-side into a bush, better still a pole! The narrow right angle bends that we came up against slowed to the pace to a near stop, with all three of our back wheels sliding out on more than one occasion. Exiting the tight bends with even the slightest amount of throttle was enough to find yourself sideways like a speedway rider! It was a true miracle that all our bikes made it home intact, let alone ourselves. But as bikers, are these not the moments we ride for? great memories, great friends and all of The Back Roads just waiting to be explored!

That's all from me today folks, I hope you enjoy the photographs.

Bentley Perkins