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The first hints of snow (ie about a foot deep snow) hit us early and hit us hard here in Estonia, but it receded eventually. The temperatures returned to above the point of freezing. But of course it would not last. Fast forward a few weeks and it's nippy beyond the point of mild chill.

Those few weeks of tender weather saw me fighting for my health to return to it's glory days. I was down with a mean cold: my throat burning like somebody dropped a napalm pill down my throat, my nose running like the Niagara falls after a monsoon and a cough. It took three weeks to get back on track.

Three veeeeery long weeks with nice warmish weather and sunshine. My bike sitting outside sunbathing and did I see a little smirk right there?!.. It's almost like she doesn't want to be ridden...

After my recovery I didn't wait long. I couldn't. I had to ride. That was the first ride..

Tonight it was the second time riding in the cold. It was -3°C (26.6°F). Add to it the wind chill factor and my summer gloves, and that gave me a total of 20 minutes of riding time before my fingers were screaming to be put either in boiled water or out of their misery...

The first ride looked like this:

The second ride (tonight) went like this:

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