Frozen White Ford GT from Hot Wheels

Ice cold, yet white hot

6w ago

I decided to break out my sheet of plexiglass to bounce some reflections off this gorgeous Frozen White Ford GT. This was another car in the set Camilo sent me shortly before I moved. I'm still getting set up at the new place, but I've finally found some time to finish editing the pics I had on my SD card before I packed it all up a few months ago.

The white with silver stripes paintjob looks beautiful on the Ford GT, but this particular car had a lot of casting errors that I had to edit out in Snapseed. White cars are still difficult for me to figure out how to shoot too. I had to play around a bit with the warmth and white balance settings to tone down the glare.

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Comments (3)

  • oh wow,now i need this recolor badly 😆 after going through these gorgeous pics😍... the lighting,the angles ...perfection everywhere👌🔥

      1 month ago
  • Is this a super T-Hunt? If not, it needs to be!

      1 month ago
  • That's a great looking casting. Amazing pictures too!! That's an area on which I need to improve - photos on the collection. I may pick up this casting in this color if I see it. NICE!!

      1 month ago