Fuel Injection Race Details (05/09/2020)

Details for the race this Saturday for anyone who wants to join

A Bit About The Races

The races will take place every Saturday night at 8pm BST (UK time) on Forza Horizon 4 and will generally be about 20 minutes long. We will always race in clear weather in summer season with sim damage on, although any other assists are up to you.

A message will be posted in the tribe chat when the lobby opens at roughly 7:45pm BST (UK time). All you have to do if you want to join is message me (PurplePetrol13) on Xbox and I will get you invited to the game and the party chat.

We also have a monthly leader board which can be viewed here:


This Week's Car And Track Choice

This Saturday we will be racing the Lotus Exige S for 15 laps of the Astmoor Heritage Circuit, I hope to see some of you then!

So why have I picked this car? I like to pick cars that have a good balance and handle well in their stock configuration and what brand is best known for nimble cars that handle the corners well? For the first race with the new Fuel Injection name I also wanted something not too powerful to keep the league accessible to all, the Exige produces 345 hp from a supercharged Toyota v6 engine. The car sits in the middle of A class which is a great category that everyone should feel comfortable driving, its probably my favourite in Forza.

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