Fuel Injection Race Details (17/10/2020)

Details for the third round of the October championship this Saturday

A Bit About The Races

The races will take place every Saturday night at 8pm BST (UK time) on Forza Horizon 4 and will all be 20 laps long unless stated otherwise. We will always race in clear weather in summer season, although any other assists are up to you.

A message will be posted in the tribe chat when the lobby opens at roughly 7:45pm BST (UK time). All you have to do if you want to join is message me (PurplePetrol13) on Xbox and I will get you invited to the game and the party chat.

The races are run as a monthly championship, this means we will be sticking with the same cars for a month, so for all 5 weekends in October we will be racing with the same car which will then change for the November championship.

The monthly championship leader board and results from September's races can be viewed here:

This Month's Car Choice

For the first month of the new championship we will all be using a stock Porsche Cayman GT4, which was a great suggestion from Failgames. It is the lightweight track version of the Cayman so has great handling and is very nice to drive. It sits in S1 class too and as you know from the previous races we usually run cars in either A or S1.

This Month's Track Choices

The third race in October will be around the Astmoor Heritage Circuit. Here is a list of all the circuits we will be racing this month:

1. Bamburgh Coast Circuit (3rd October) - Race Completed

2. Princes Street Gardens Circuit (10th October) - Race Completed

3. Astmoor Heritage Circuit (17th October)

4. Greendale Club Circuit (24th October)

5. Moorhead Windfarm Circuit (30th October)

Hope to see you all out on the circuit for this first championship!

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