Fuel Injection Race Details (19/09/2020)

Details for the race this Saturday for anyone who wants to join

A Bit About The Races

The races will take place every Saturday night at 8pm BST (UK time) on Forza Horizon 4 and will generally be about 20 minutes long. We will always race in clear weather in summer season with sim damage on, although any other assists are up to you.

A message will be posted in the tribe chat when the lobby opens at roughly 7:45pm BST (UK time). All you have to do if you want to join is message me (PurplePetrol13) on Xbox and I will get you invited to the game and the party chat.

We also have race results a monthly leader board which can be viewed here:


This Week's Car And Track Choice

This Saturday we will be racing cars from the Rods and Customs category built up to B Class for 15 laps of the Tarn Hows Scramble.

I have decided this week to leave pick a category and allow everyone to build their own cars, which is how these races used to run. We will sometimes run races like this and sometimes run the one-makes like we have done recently.

Hope to see you all out on the circuit this Saturday!

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