How often do we hear discussions about fuel consumption?

"Oh, my car eats 0.2 liter less than yours." Who cares, honestly? Especially if the latter is better looking, better to drive and far more interesting?

Does that really make you happy, knowing that you've saved a glass of petrol for each hundred miles? I doubt that it'll even the score - driving in a car which has absolutely no appeal other than fuel consumption.

I'm not arrogant. If money is tight, purchasing a Hummer is quite a bad idea. But if the income is decent, there's no point in ever thinking about this issue. It shouldn't be a concern environment-wise either. It's not at all my fault that I chose a car which is fast and good-looking. If the green protesters have a bone to pick, they should go and do that with the car makers. They're the ones that put these cars at our disposal. I definitely won't apologize for my choices and I certainly doubt that half a liter will make a difference. Yeah, yeah, if we all... Shut up. We'd be all be driving Priuses and then we'd be really screwed up - producing one unit pollutes more than a thousand Challengers.

We'd be all be driving Priuses and then we'd be really screwed up.

Therefore, can we end this discussion? It leads nowhere. To put it in polite terms, choosing a car based on this criteria is an immense mistake. I suggest enjoying a well-deserved coffee break at a petrol station - they're quite nice and they spoil you with many choices.

Photo Credits: www.acapmag.com.au

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