Full 2018 Lotus F1 concept - see how next year's cars will look with the Halo

2y ago


Formula 1 will looks very different in 2018 thanks to the addition of the mandatory new 'Halo' device.

The construction is intended to protect drivers from flying debris, wheels and so on. While not universally popular (to say the least) the FIA have insisted every car is fitted with the device from next season.

Our design genius Sean Bull decided to see what the 2018 cars will looks like with the 'Halo' attached, but as usual, he decided to think outside the box (box! box!) and has come up with this stunning concept for a Lotus F1 car.

Not only has he mocked up the car - complete with 'Halo' of course - but he has also shown the car on track, and created designs for the drivers' overalls and even the garage.

What F1 2018 will look like

From the side: note, the shark fin will remain in 2018

From the top, people

Such an iconic livery

That distinctive nose

A good view of how the 'Halo' will look next year

On track

Around the streets of Monaco

Does it still look wrong with the 'Halo'?

Inside the Lotus garage

And the driver overalls

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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