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Carbon Exoskeleton Remastery

The story of this project came to life when one of our local clients had a special request to build a fully exposed carbon fiber body to match his other exotic car collection.

This was extremely challenging for our composite team as the special carbon fiber weave pattern was to be used throughout. We also had to create a special mold for the carbon fiber roof in order for the roof panel to be fully exposed and line up edge to edge.

It was an arduous process as we made many panels in order to attain the perfect symmetry of the carbon fiber weave between transitioning body panels.

The hard work paid off and today we can proudly offer the carbon exoskeleton body as an option for our clients throughout the 25 unit build cycle.

This carbon exoskeleton option takes our team approximately 800 man hours to complete and is available on a limited allocation basis.

There is final 10 stage UV inhibiting cleat lacquer applied to provide a deepness and clarity to the carbon fiber weave.

The carbon exoskeleton clearly shows the level of precision and details all of the vehicle conversions undergo when the carbon fiber body panels are hand assembled.

- Peter Nam

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