Full stop! McLaren releases new Super Series details

McLaren has revealed the stopping performance of its upcoming 650S successor. Yep, you'll want to buckle up tight...

3y ago

Hot off the press today are yet more details about McLaren's upcoming 650S successor, which will be the first in a line of new Super Series models.

McLaren has this time focused on detailing the stopping power of its new supercar, currently codenamed P14. We know it can accelerate from 0-124mph in just 7.8sec, but the latest release has confirmed how quickly the McLaren can stop from that speed.

As you'd expect, the answer is a) very quickly. In fact, hammer on the brake pedal in the new McLaren and it'll bleed off that 124mph at a vast rate of knots, coming to a halt in just 4.6sec and 117 metres. For comparison, that's six metres less than a 650S – and reputedly on a par with the lighter McLaren F1.

This impressive stopping performance is down to a host of upgrades, including stiffer brake calipers – stopping flex, maintaining pad contact and improving pedal feel – and standard-fit carbon-ceramic disc brakes.

McLaren does point out that the figures are achieved with Pirelli P Zero Corsa tyres that are optimised for the car, as opposed to the road-focused P Zeros that will likely be available as well. Regardless, you're probably not going to have much of a problem bringing the new Super Series to a halt.

Watch the upcoming 650S replacement in action in the video below, and check back for more details on 7 March.

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The new McLaren Super Series is set to be revealed at the Geneva motor show

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Comments (7)

  • wouldn't want to be paying for new discs 😥

      3 years ago
  • How on earth is the F1 even close to modern supercars when it comes to braking distance? That doesn't sound right.

      3 years ago
  • So it seems that Gordon Murray thought about every thing when he designed the F1. Strange to think that they have to compare new cars to

    it, where as the modern cars should have better brakes in the first place.

      3 years ago
    • True – but then the modern cars are also heavier, have to comply with different regulations and so on. Don't forget that the McLaren F1 was a far more expensive car, too. In 1994 one would set you back around £550,000 – in today's money that's...

      Read more
        3 years ago
  • Might rival the f12

      3 years ago
    • Don't know about that. All mclarens are mid engine supercars. Mclaren's only "gt" is the 570... and that's no way a grand touring. Mclaren would have to develop a front engine rwd car to rival the f12.

        3 years ago