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Fully-Loaded Renault Triber Receives A Price Hike

Usually, when the asking price for a model goes up, its existing customer base takes a sigh of relief. So, why will they not like this particular development? See if you can join the dots. At the time of launch, the range-topping Renault Triber wore a price tag of Rs 6.49 lakh (~$9,106). With the recent hike, that figure has gone up to Rs 6.53 lakh (~$9,162). For the extra Rs 4,000 (~$56), the Triber RXZ gets 15-inch alloy wheels with 185/65 profile tyres, up from 14 inches and 165/80 section rubber. In a nutshell, the larger wheels will make the boxy Triber look better. And for that, the minutely hiked asking price is worth it.

Those who want to console themselves will probably highlight that tyres with shorter sidewalls offer worse ride quality. They will go on an extra mile to point out that fatter rubber also increases friction, which results in a lowered mileage. No one can argue with those technicalities. However, the simple matter of the fact is that the difference will be next to negligible.

Launched in the last week of August 2019, the Renault Triber has already found more than 10,000 households across India. That’s not a bad start for a car that is a bit different from everything else in the sub-4 metre space. Apart from offering features such as an all-LED instrument cluster with a 3.5-inch LCD screen, an 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, push-button start/stop and keyless entry, the model comes with three rows of seats. Split in a 60:40 ratio, the second row of seats can also recline and slide. And, in a five-seat configuration, the luggage area can gulp up to 625 litres of stuff.

So, there you have it. The Triber, which still has its introductory price list active, has become a little more appealing. Before we enter the next fiscal year, Renault India will upgrade the Triber’s powertrain to comply with BS6 emission norms. That activity will see a noticeable impact on the prices. Alongside the BS6 badge, the Triber will also gain the option of an AMT (Automated Manual Transmission).

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