2y ago


I killed the ignition and coasted into the parking lot. All the boy racers had their hoods up, polishing their turbo piping. I left my hood down. So as to not attract any attention by starting my engine, I pushed my car across the parking lot as we all lined up for our turns in the dyno cell.

While waiting my turn in the lineup, several stopped by to chat about what mods my car had besides my obvious boat anchor 17" wheels. I just said that the engine was all stock with about 100K miles. (a completely true statement). I didn't mention that the current stock engine has over 3.5 times the displacement of the original stock engine.

I finally started my engine just outside the dyno to get it up to temp. I hit the fake power window switch that opened up the dual 3" cutouts. The crowd quickly gathered as no one expected to hear the growl of an uncorked LS1 coming out of my unassuming little single exhaust tip.

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The tech driving it into the dyno cell. He fits about as well as I do in this little car.

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My poor little phone microphone could not handle the db. You will just have to imagine how glorious an uncorked LS1 sounds when being wrung out on a dyno.

High-horsepower of the event, beating out all of the high $$$ turbos. Not bad for a stock, tired, oil-burning 5.7. I left at 2pm, but later heard that some supercharged hemi beat me eventually.

Ooof! Love that torque curve!

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