Fun game

And no there isn't tribecoin involved

9w ago

So the game is you basically pick a few brands and tag the DriveTriber who best suits that brand. Here are my examples to get you thinking:

Plymouth - me

Porsche - Mason Bloom

Shelby - Zakk Grier

DeTomaso - Seat Arosa Connoisseur

BMW - Vincent Höhlich

McLaren - AirMax K

Opel - Ferdi K

Aston Martin - OT

Koenigsegg - Priyesh Ray Chaudhuri

Pontiac - Kyle Hughes

Dacia - Ben Welham

Those are just the ones on the top of my head, I'd probably have more if I put some more thought into it.

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Comments (13)

  • Pontiac-

    (Pink) Bentley-


    Mercedes- Myself

      2 months ago
  • McLaren -

    Bentley -

    Ferrari -

    Shelby -

    Lamborghini - Me

      2 months ago
  • ferrari

      2 months ago
  • Oh cool. You could also put me as Lamborghini instead

      2 months ago
  • I’d like to be Hyundai if you like

      2 months ago