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Fun in the snow with a couple of cool Porsches

A GT2 RS and a historic 911 ST hit the Swiss Alps for some Skijöring

1y ago


What is Skijöring?

Well, basically a skier is pulled along by a horse, a sled dog, or an automobile. It is a traditional Norwegian sport and the founder of Curves Magazine, Stefan Bogner has filmed two pretty cool Porsches having fun in the snow.

The classic 911 ST with its rally history and the current 700hp 911 GT2 RS look right at home on the slopes. Both of these vehicles represent the peak performance of their respective eras.

Skijöring (Image Curves Magazine

Skijöring (Image Curves Magazine

So, two thoughts come to mind after watching this video reviving the legendary art of "Skijöring”. One, why put your Porsche 911 to sleep during the winter months when you can have this much fun. And two. do not try this at home. I am sticking with number one!


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