Furka and Grimsel Passes

The final mountain passes in this year's trip in my #Maserati #Ghibli were the #Furka and #Grimsel. Even in the damp they are still great roads

3y ago

The final part of the trip before making the long way home across France was to take in some of the great Swiss mountain passes. Stopping in Airolo at the foot of the Saint Gotthard Pass the intention was to drive up and over this and then head for the Furka and Grimsel passes on the way to Interlaken.

The trip to Airolo had ended in brilliant sunshine the morning however was a different story. The top of the Saint Gotthard was buried in cloud and the forecast for the Furka and Grimsel had heavy rain rolling in from the West. The question would be whether we could make it through the passes before the weather deteriorated too much to make it worthwhile.

The Saint Gotthard disappearing into the clouds

The Saint Gotthard disappearing into the clouds

The drive up the Saint Gotthard wasn't promising but at the top the cloud was patchy and it did look better in the direction we were heading.

As we got closer to Realp at the foot of the Furka Pass the sun came out. It looked as though the luck would be on our side.

The weather started to close in as we got to the top and the descent was a little damp.

At the bottom the only way out is via one pass or another. The Grimsel was the way we needed to go but the rain was starting now.

Once down the other side of the Grimsel we had a break from the rain before it returned with a vengeance. Any plans of sightseeing around Interlaken were washed away and we headed for our overnight stop and the end of our adventure.

This combination of passes provided a more enjoyable drive than the Stelvio and Umbrail had the previous day. It wasn't as spectacular but the relative lack of traffic more than compensated for that.

One thing I've noticed having processed these videos is that there is so much more to see than you notice when driving. As you drive along you're constantly look for where the road goes and whether there will be something large lurking around the next corner. It does take away from the majesty a little.

The car used for the trip. My 2015 Maserati Ghibli S

The car used for the trip. My 2015 Maserati Ghibli S

I think I'd like to try some of these passes again, possibly in the Alfa Spider to put a different aspect to them, hopefully in dry warm weather. Traffic is always going to be factor, I guess you just need to hope for the best.

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Comments (9)

  • Just spent the first part of my holiday around Swiss passes.

      3 years ago
  • Despite the 'Mordor-like' weather, very nice footage!

      3 years ago
    • It was a bit Mordor wasn’t it? It was a race against the weather. Earlier in the week it didn’t look as though it would be on.

        3 years ago
    • When we drove the Furka and Nufenen, the first time we had Mordor weather conditions. The second time we were lucky to have clear blue sky...

        3 years ago
  • Užas je moja Furkaaaaaaaaa! Oo....

      3 years ago