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Future BMWs will have a very daring design despite strong criticism

The German brand will transform every model

2w ago

With its huge grille, the BMW 4 Series impresses and deeply divides fan communities. Fortunately, only the front end is subject to such a debate because the rest of the car is particularly balanced and enjoys the same elegance as the previous models. This is clearly not the case with the iX, which has changed everything for better or worse.

It has to be said that the electric SUV has not gone smoothly in terms of design! Like a hastily cut block of granite, the iX doesn't look sharp from any angle. And despite the strong criticism of the iX on social networks, BMW's head of design, Domagoj Dukec, confirms that this trend will apply to future models.

The strategy adopted by the propeller brand is to stand out from the crowd, whatever the cost. Dukec affirms that it is necessary to dare to change in order to attract new customers, even if it means making cars with a daring design. You have to please the customers, not the whole world. In doing so, BMW is going in the opposite direction from the methods adopted by Audi and Mercedes.

At Audi, the range evolves very timidly at each generation change, to the point where it becomes harder to distinguish new vehicles. At Mercedes, the models are too similar to each other, especially when you see the new C-Class, which is just a smaller copy of the E-Class and S-Class. We can therefore expect a brutal stylistic change for the next models, starting with the future i4 and 7 Series.

Photo credits BMW

Photo credits BMW

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  • Each to their own. Sales numbers will determine their success/failure...... not for me I’m afraid.

      14 days ago
  • Is Chris Bangle back?

      14 days ago
  • BMW designs are getting uglier and uglier. 'Standing out' because you've got the shittiest looking car doesn't seem like a very clever marketing ploy to me. On top of that, when you carefully read the Company statements of intent, this bunch of tosspots aren't even promising an all EV future. Unless BMW management 'pulls up its socks', the business will end up as just another brand subsumed by a larger Group, like those under the new Stelantis umbrella.

      14 days ago
  • I’m disappointed

      14 days ago
  • No

      14 days ago