FUTURE CLASSIC. Viba’s Bespoke ‘Qora’ Triumph Bobber

Remember the days when vehicles were hand-built for a select few? France's Viba do...

3y ago

The rich and famous certainly live different lives to the rest of us, banking their millions, very little is off-limits to this select crowd. These days they don’t even need to leave home to spend vast sums of money with the most exclusive products just a mouse click away. One such website offers up Yachts, Submarines, an array of incredible Cars and even a bloody Pushbike that’s $50,000. But scroll on over to the Motorcycle section and there is a limited run production motorcycle that won’t break the bank and doesn’t look at all out-of-place amongst the other toys for the 1%. From French design house VIBA comes a machine that combines elegant styling from the coach built era while being crafted using the latest technologies. Based on the all new Triumph Bonneville Bobber she sits resplendent next to Bugatti’s and available only to a select few her name is Qora.

The brainchild of French designer Yann Bakonyi, VIBA is like no other motorcycle shop you’re likely to see, with more work done sat behind expensive computers than on grease covered benches. This is done for very precise reasons with the final renderings being constructed by high-tech milling machines, 3D printers and the latest in composite construction. The result is not only a final design that looks exactly like the finished product but a level of fit and finish that is almost unparalleled in the motorcycle world. Regular readers of Pipeburn will remember VIBA’s original creation, the Lara 800 but Qora takes the game to a whole new level.


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