- 1998 Bentley Turbo RT Mulliner. S​ource: Wikicommons.

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Batteries have the power to save some of the world's best cars.

33w ago

S​o let me get this out of the way early. Some cars are made to be driven for excitement, others for comfort.

T​his is what my opinion is founded on. The mage above is of a rather lovely Bentley RT Mulliner. Not many of these were made. Essentially, there were a few left over Turbo RTs and Bentley handed them over to Mulliner to customise and sell to the most discerning customers. Some of them turned out beautifully, others a little less tasteful.

G​et to the point.

L​ike so many luxury cars from the last century, these were beatutifully made, from the best materials. Effortlessly comfortable and elegantly styled. Today, though, they're let down by their engines, which were dirty and drank like a bad habit, even when new.

Electricity is the answer. These cars were made to be comfy, quiet and luxurious. To this day, these cars still posses these quialities but are becoming far from useable on a daily basis. batteries would change this.

T​hey'd still be comfy, luxurious and even more quiet. They'd be allowed in every city, and would get access to more power than they ever really had new with the right setup.

W​ith these upsides, would losing a big dirty engine really be a negative in a luxury car? In a sports car, yes, but in a luxury car? I don't think so.

W​hat do you think?

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Comments (7)

  • Completely agree, cars like that need the quietness, smoothness and instant torque that electric offers all, plus at a cheap running cost as a bonus. Better to start early than late

      7 months ago
    • Plus, you get to keep some good looking cars on the road!

        7 months ago
  • You mean ruin the worlds greatest cars

      7 months ago
    • I mean keep them on the roads, a lot of electrical conversions are also fully reversible. Aston Martin recently did it with the DB6.

        7 months ago
    • It doesn't make it right, these cars where built beautifully and have amazing engines that make amazing noises, then you go swap in the worst thing possible in an electric motor. It's not right keep it on the road with a real engine that makes...

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        7 months ago
  • Why ruin a classic though. Its meant to have a silent big capacity engine that has more than adequate amoit of everything. I think replacing that ruins the whole thing.

      7 months ago