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FWD= Fun-wheel-drive.

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Although I am sure that there are people who tell me that RWD paired with manual gearbox is for men with beards and chesthair and FWD is for children clowning around on their mom`s corolla, I have to certainly thank FWD cars in teaching me a lot when it comes to talk about driving, it`s a drivetrain that is largely ignored and unfairly called horrendous against the RWD squadron who thinks its just for conmuter cars to save space yet they ignore 3 simple reasons why FWD= Fun-wheel-drive.

1-It can teach you to drive fast



I am sure that if you want to start driving fast on your local track days or your mountain pass, RWD is a pretty tempting and attractive option if you`re looking for the fastest way to drive but if you have just begun learning how to drive fast I know that FWD cars can be much more forgiving than RWD cars that would tear your head off in the first chance they had if you weren`t careful.

I know that things like torque-steer can be one of the worst things about FWD cars just like snap-oversteer in MR / RWD cars when the weight shifts around without any control. but for me it`s pretty fun to find that balance between grip and loss of control, I have driven Powerful RWD cars which wanted to just drive without being controlled by anyone even if I tried to be gentle with my driving inputs (even being soft on the pedals)

One of the dreams for many petrolheads is to eventually become one with their very own machine they have built, and for doing so you have to get to know how it works first, finding the sweet spot in which your car is between both grip and loss of it, it requires a lot of skill to eventually "communicate" with your FWD car but once you find it you can certainly have a lot of fun driving on your local racetrack or countryside backroad while beginners on RWD cars will be certainly struggling to keep their RWD cars under control not having any fun at all.

and remember, even if an FWD is not able to make donuts throwing smoke around, it is capable of being faster than some RWD layout cars, and still be able to do donuts... In reverse!

2-It can drift!


Although it may not look like it, a FWD car is capable of going sideways, not in the same way as an RWD car in which you just have to step on the gas like a muppet and let the car make the wheels squeal while is out of control.

Although it is obvious that in many FWD cars you will have to use the handbrake to break rear loose there are several ways to make the car lose grip in the back without having to resort to using the easiest method of just ripping the handbrake.

The most basic technique to drift a FWD car is the classic Scandinavian flick/Pendulum drift that many Initial D fans know as "NANI ?! Inertia drift ?!"

when approaching a corner you have to turn in the opposite direction of the corner before the turning point then turn at the turning point releasing the accelerator causing the weight to shift forward causing the rear part to lose grip, and now you just countersteer a bit and accel lightly, pretty simple right? you can also shift the weight forward with the brake as well.

there are also other techniques such as braking with the left foot that can mimic to some extent the effect produced by the handbrake or simply applying trail-braking, a technique in which you brake late or less vigorously before a turn while maintaining the pressure on the brakes during the turn-in and gently releasing them while you are reaching the apex. If these techniques seem too complicated for you... you can always grab yourself a pair of lunch trays from Mcdonalds, tie them up to your rear wheels and practice in a deserted parking lot.

and remember... drifting a FWD is difficult but not impossible, it also has the advantage that you don`t need to install an LSD to drift a standard RWD car out of the used car lot or weld a differential in order to make the rear wheels skid without any kind of control

3-It can put superior cars to Shame.

I know that many of you will tell me "are you kidding Omega ?! how can a chevy beat a ..." you have to keep in mind that when the R34 GT-R hit the market it was a car quite admired by the young audience thanks to movies as fast and furious and the videogame saga Need For Speed and Gran Turismo.

The Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) on the right has 280 horsepower in a turbocharged 6-cylinder engine, while the Chevy Cobalt SS only has 208 horses under the hood and considerably less torque, but you have to keep in mind that despite Having an engine considerably inferior to the RB26DETT the Chevy Cobalt SS only weighs 1,273 kg compared to the GT-R that weighs 1,543 kg a large difference of more than 300 kilos that does make the difference on a racetrack with A LOT of corners and although it seems ridiculous the GT-R lost the battle in the Nurburgring against a front-wheel-drive Chevy for ... 6 seconds! against an AWD car with many computers that adjust every parameter to every meter!

Nowadays cars such as the Honda Civic Type R of 2016 are capable of surpassing cars with way much more horsepower and better weight distribution like the 2005 Ford GT being a RWD MR car. practically is a battle between David & Goliath if we take into account the difference in weight and power, the LSD`s are also much better than those of yesteryear not to mention that properly tuned FWD cars are also one of the cheapest ways to beat more expensive cars like ferraris,Teslas,lamborghinis.. without the drawbacks of going broke like with a big burbling V8 in terms of fuel costs... the posibilities FWD pack within are certainly endless.

Are you Up for some Fun-Wheel-Drive action? -OMEGA

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