FWM worthersee tour 2016/17

If you don't know now you know

This year the Frome half of FWM made the journey from the UK through France, Luxembourg & Germany into Austria for the world renowned GTI Treffen Show around Lake Worthersee during May. We were surprisingly greeted by 6 inches of snow, but this cleared as quickly as it appeared and a great time was had. Next year its being held 3 weeks later so fingers crossed nothing but sun.

On our way down, some way into Germany Sam soon realised he'd gone through half his set of new tyres due to not tracking it up, so a few on the fly alignments were done until he felt it was OK and we cracked on. Prior, none of us had driven on the WRONG side of the road before, but the autobahns soon enticed us to hit all of our limiters although we soon retired back to the slow lane after being made to look stationery by the likes of some BMW M2s and other big German saloons.

Our first day was spent at Faak am See, a huge meeting point for all in the area and one of the 3 main towns & villages where people spend their time whilst around the lake. We were greeted by an already packed car park full of exceptional cars from all over the continent. Whats great about Worthersee is the fact everyone is there for the same reason, you get to meet foreign friends you make over social media and finally see builds you've only ever seen behind a screen before.

Nothing but good views where ever you go.

The show itself is held in Reifnitz, but thousands of people go the week before for a more laid back vibe. Despite this the whole infrastructure for the show is still in place in the town. This year VW debuted a 40 year GTI Anniversary model by the lakeside with selection of all the predeceasing GTI models, much eye candy.

Night time in Velden is a sight to see.

The night before we left.

The night before we left.

The Pyramidenkogel supplies awesome views of the lake and surrounding mountains, a must if you make the journey. Within the trees are some great strips of road which leave you wondering where the last few hours went and countless photo opportunities. During one cloudy afternoon we followed a mountain road out of Velden until our fuel lights came on, parked up somewhere scenic and got some great shots of the cars & mountains whilst being up in the clouds.

The drive home supplied us with great weather and we stopped of in Stuttgart to visit the Porsche Museum which blew minds. To our amazement no ones cars skipped a beat over the trip and a journey like it has caused us all to safely say we wont ever sell them. Holiday blues started to kick in once back on the ferry home, but talk of next years trip were already well underway. A holiday spent with great people, surrounded by what we love and amazing views meant it'll be cemented as one to remember.

Next year some of the Welsh side of the family will be joining us, Hannah and Ryan in her E36, Scott & Nat in the R32, along with some other friends in a range of other BMW's and VW's means we'll have quite the convoy leaving from the South West, so if your thinking of making the journey as well let us know!

We'll all be in Velden from the 12th to 20th of May, but Worthersee wont be the only forign show we plan on attending next year. MIVW, VW Days & RollHard Belgium are all on the cards.

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