Gaffka, Telnack, & Trotman's Stripper Queen: '96 Ford Taurus G

Poverty-spec 3rd-gen Taurus Lives On in the Rainforest & Swampland that Rust Forgot.

In 1996, Ford was selling more Tauruses and Sables to government & corporate fleets than to private party new car buyers, due in no small part to how expensive they were compared to a similarly equipped Camry, Accord or Altima (plus their catfish-like styling didn't help matters much). So Ford (and Lincoln-Mercury) dealers clamored for a poverty-spec Taurus & Sable to sell and option out desirably in order to draw private parties back into their showrooms. In reality, what happened was that most of the Taurus/Sable G production ended up being like these poverty spec ones & going to fleets, with the admittedly few well-optioned ones being sold as "loss leaders" in showrooms and going to elderly people, young families, commuters, and college kids who bought their first new car.

Of all the cars I've seen & photographed (whether or not any copies are left extant anymore), that I wish could talk and tell me their life stories, this is one of them. I'd like to know what kind of company/person/government organization would buy this, what kind of a service/travel life it led, where in all in North America it's been, and about its past & current owners...

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  • That Taurus redesign is so ugly.

      1 month ago