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Jon Snow

Okay, football does not exist in that fantasy world, but he is the super-star of the Game (of Thrones)...so Range-Rover must be his car (good choice, considering that he often goes beyond the wall) :

Little Finger

Little Finger (Lord Baelish) looks like a BMW guy...7 Series (Pimps' car? :D) :

Lady Melisandre

You already know her car, don't you? No? Come on...it's so easy...what car is very very old, but, in the same time, it's very very new? PORSCHE 911:

Theon Greyjoy

Having in mind that he lost his Gentleman's sausage a while ago, a red Alfa is most certainly the perfect car for him. Diesel engine, obviously, because he's cheap:

Daenerys Targaryen

Her people adore her, so she needs a people's car. What other car brand would represent her better than VOLKSWAGEN? She spent a lot of time in the Middle-East (of that fantasy world), so she would love the Touareg (and it works off-road, too):

Bran Stark

He sleeps a lot and he cannot drive, therefore an RV would be OK for him:

Khal Drogo

One word, one car: Mustang

Cersei Lannister

Queens usually use this car: Bentley State Limousine (the Brits will definitely agree with me on this):

Jamie Lanister

....definitely an Audi guy (very careful with his look, tries to to take things seriously, but he sleeps with his sister...) . He was going to have an Avant (Station Wagon) but since none of his kids are living anymore, he went for the Sedan version. Obviously, it's an automatic because...his hand:

Lord Varys

Most definitely a Mercedes-Benz guy, but he doesn't have the 'balls' to drive it :D. Looks more like a BACK-seat person (S-Klasse maybe?) :

Tyrion Lannister

Well, he needs something clever...so he is definitely a Tesla guy. The autonomous driving mode is definitely going to help, having in mind his passion for booze and women:

Sansa Stark

Both her husbands died, so I guess she attracts all sort of dangerous situations. Her car must be a Volvo (preferable an XC90, having in mind that the winter is here) :

Arya Stark

She should drive something small and 'nimble': Golf GTI? :D...but if she still has problems with her vision, I would recommend an autonomous driving Tesla.

Margaery Tyrell

A posh car: Fiat 500/ VW Beetle/ Mini...one of them, or...why not... all of them:

Ser Davos

Something dull but reliable...VW Passat . The only problem is that he doesn't master the alphabet pretty well, so the Volkswagen name will be hard to write down when he'll read this. Hopefully he doesn't go in too much details when configuring his Passat because he will certainly be 'dazzled' by the German names for some of the options in this car (ie. 'doppelkupplungsgetriebe' - DSG)

Ramsay Snow and Joffrey Baratheon

Brilliance BS6 (just a Chinese car). Why?!? Because everybody wanted them dead. Look:

Samwell Tarly (or simply Sam)

What do we have here? Young couple, with baby, long distances to cover, rich Dad but he doesn't want to offer support to his son...you don't have any other option Sammy. Sorry...Astra Diesel for you:

Ned Stark

Obviously, he needs that type of car which looks very...official...and what could be more official than a Jaguar XJ (OK...what could be more official than a Jaguar XJ, in UK? Anyway, we cannot have the S-Klasse again because we gave it to Lord Varys...):