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Game Over? Tesla Model 3 Outruns the Corvette

6w ago


Internet is full of videos where Tesla is embarrassing the supercar royalties, so we've gotten used to them, but this one is a little different. Instead of the usual Model S, which is the fastest accelerating car on sale today, we have the budget option - Model 3. Mind you, it's the performance package which means 0-60mph faster than the McLaren F1 - 3.3 seconds.

The challenger of the new age couldn't be more old school - a C6 Corvette ZO6, with the manual transmission and the largest and most powerful naturally-aspirated engine GM has ever built. 505hp spewing out of a 7-liter small block V8. Haha, small block. By all acounts, it's a serious performance car!

Now watch what that white croissant shaped car does to a low and wide supercar:

Surprisingly, the Corvette jumps ahead, but that is more likely because of the Tesla's bad start, and from there on, things do get interesting. Usually it's it the electric car that would run out of puff after a while, but here we see it catching on the Corvette - and the reason is plain obvious: Changing gears by hand is slower and will cost you.

In the end, the Model 3 takes it by the width of a hair, finishing at 11.748 seconds; just .033 second ahead of the Corvette, proving once and for all, old school cars are done.

It's been fun, it's been exciting, noisy and sexy, but in the end, electricity travels faster than the trail of petrol set on fire.

Still, which one would you rather have?

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  • You forgot to mention spending 60 min at a "recharge" station. Yeah, I'll take my "noise" over the "humming dildo-on-wheels" any day.

    1 month ago
  • You left out torque, which is most relevant to this type of demonstration. But I'll take a noisy brisket sandwich over a quiet croissant any day.

    1 month ago
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