Garage Chat #3 Ireland to Germany Roadtrip

Telling the story of our 2020 roadtrip from Ireland to Germany across the UK in the 1984 Mobility Kadett. After dropping off the motor for Erik at Cork Engine Centre we dashed to Dublin for a ferry to Hollyhead. After a visit to friends in Northampton we cruised down to London for a few days where we caught up with friends and took my uncle for a drive using Mobi's accessibility features. We then took the Dover to Calais ferry and charged on across the top of France through Belgium to Bonn. Whilst in Germany we took a trip to Wuppertal the city of Mobi's last owner and took a spin on the Schwebebahn suspension railway. After getting involved in some local customs during Carnival we made our way back to France for a lovely overnight in a manner guest house near Treport. A country road drive brought us back to Cherbourg and a ferry back to Dublin and home.

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