GARAGE Gearbox gripes

2y ago


The DSG gearbox fitted to my Mk7 GTI is not my favourite piece of engineering. Though it's very capable, the dual clutch mechanism completely removes an enjoyable part of the driving experience - manually changing gears.

Although the DSG offers three gear selection options (automatic, paddles and sequential), none replace the do-it-yourself satisfaction of a clutch pedal and an H-pattern gearbox.

However, moving away from the much trodden manual/paddles debate, today's gripe singles out the sequential setting for particular criticism.

In addition to paddle clicking, the GTI enables drivers to swap cogs using the gear lever - what I'm calling the sequential function. Pushing the lever forwards selects the next gear up and pulling it backwards selects the next gear down. Simple but wrong.

Coming from a racing background this seemingly minor error frustrates me no end. As you accelerate out of a corner physics dictates your body's pressed backwards. Trying to push forward against this motion seems unnatural.

Conversely, as you brake into a corner your body weight's thrown forwards. To my mind, a gear lever should replicate these forces - back to change up and forwards to change down (unless it's an H-box of course).

What's the consensus - have I got things back to front?

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