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Garage stacked full of DeLoreans to protect them from hurricane

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The DeLorean Motor Company Florida released two images showing a garage space packed full of the iconic DMC-12's prior to Hurricane Dorian making landfall on the US coastline.

The Florida site is one of the four DMC locations across the US that keep the iconic cars going by offering service and restoration facilities.

It's strange enough seeing one of these machines made famous by the Back To The Future franchise, but seeing nearly 20 cramped into a warehouse is certainly a spectacle.


Hurricane Dorian has matched the 1935 'Labor Day' storm as the strongest to hit the US in history. Windspeeds on landfall were measured at 185mph, a weather system of inconceivable power.

In the face of such danger, mass evacuations took place along the south-eastern coastline, with many forced to leave behind their treasured possessions and head for safety.

A number of these cars are owned by locals who were looking for a safe place to store their beloved ride.

Facebook: DMC Florida

You'll be pleased to hear that DMC Florida posted an update on the fate of the cars that were left behind:

Personally I am glad to hear that the cars survived. It's great to know that a loved possession has made it through a difficult time and will be reunited with its owners.

I hope that those returning to their homes in the affected areas are safe and well, and that the damages to property are minimal.

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