Garage Wars Episode 2 | Second Entries Show Off Their Garages!

Enter your garage for a chance to win!

3y ago

Here we are! The second episode of Garage Wars, where you guys have sent us photos of your beloved garages and we've pitted them up against each other. Thank you to everyone who have sent in their garages so far!

Five garages have been chosen, and the best of the five will win either an Amazon Gift Voucher or an Amazon Echo Dot!

This week's winner announced on TWITTER!

How To Enter:

1. Take 5 or more photos (landscape) of your garage - one exterior shot, one interior, and three individual features that you're most proud of.

2. Using send these photos to

3. In the info, type GARAGE WARS at the top, tell us your name, social media handles, and a bit more about your garage as well as any products or features you use.

4. Send it off and we'll choose a top 5 to feature in a video!

5. The best of that 5 will be revealed on social media and will receive a prize - either a $50.00 Amazon gift card, or an Amazon Echo Dot!

Good luck!!

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