Garages finding new ways of coping with coronavirus: no-contact collection

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Although most of us are held up in our homes with nothing more than Netflix and our own insanity, there are still a lot of people outside working to put an end to this terrible situation. NHS workers are among those that are still travelling to and from work with their cars that will be in need of servicing and maintenance.

Therefore, many garages are continuing to offer their services to those key workers. In an effort to keep up social distancing measures, they are finding new ways of going about their business that don’t require physical contact.

A lot of these garages are now offering no-contact collection. The owner of a car in need of work doing is asked to place the keys near the car in a bag and tell the mechanic where they are hidden. A garage employee will then arrive at the car’s location, get the keys and drive the car to the garage where it will receive all the work as it would during a normal appointment.

The employee tasked with collecting the car will of course carry all the necessary protective clothing such as a mask, gloves and a suit to avoid any transmission of the disease.

The service is available on leading MOT and service comparison site, BookMyGarage where an appointment can be set up in just a few clicks.

According to BookMyGarage’s data, a two-week pause on MOT tests would result in over one million cars needing to be checked. That’s a backlog that would supposedly take the UK’s 23,000 MOT centres over six weeks to clear.

Thankfully then, the government has taken the decision to extend MOT validity by six months during the confinement period. However, no-contact collection will still be very important to those that need their cars fixed or serviced.

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