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Garden Bridge architect makes an EV that turns into a bedroom

And it also cleans the air as it drives!

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The British architect behind the famous Olympic Cauldron, the controversial Garden Bridge project and London’s current Routemaster Bus has now come up with an electric car.

It’s called the ‘Airo’ and the concept car was revealed at the Shanghai Motor Show on Monday.

Not just a simple EV, the Airo has been designed to also act as a living space. It has a pop-up table for dining, rotating seats that can face each other, and the option to fold them all away to create a bedroom.

A foldaway screen can also turn the inside into a mobile gaming pod. The windows can even be turned dark for greater privacy.

A mock-up of the mooted London Garden Bridge which became very controversial

A mock-up of the mooted London Garden Bridge which became very controversial

What makes the Airo really unique, though, is not only does its electric engine produce no fumes, but the vehicle contains a high-efficiency particulate air filtering system, meaning it will clean the outside air as it drives along. This might be why it is called the ‘Airo’, which in Greek means ‘to pick up’.

Designed by Thomas Heatherwick, the famed architect, alongside his studio of blue-sky thinking designers, the car was made for Chinese high-end manufacturer IM Motors.

It’s believed the car will be self-driving in some or all parts. Although, specifics on the car’s actual abilities are yet to be revealed, so maybe it’s a glorified caravan.

The Airo is thought to enter production in 2023 in China. Thomas Heatherwick, Founder of Heatherwick Studio, said on the concept release:

“Airo isn’t simply another electric car that doesn’t pollute the air. Instead, using the latest HEPA filter technology, it goes further by also vacuuming up pollutants from other cars as it drives along. Designed to simultaneously address the global space shortage, Airo is also a multi-functional room with extra space for dining, working, gaming or even sleeping.

"As a new room for our lives, with a changing view, Airo is a car intended to transport us to a cleaner and better future,” he continued.

In a video for Designboom, Heatherwick explains their creation. Alongside the car, the team of architects has also designed a charging station for IM Motors that will become part of the infrastructure of the city.

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Comments (3)

  • FFS, Architects', they make homes that are too small, badly built and energy inefficient, then think they can make a car that turns into a bedroom or livingroom.


      19 days ago
  • Architects should stick to building ya know... buildings

      18 days ago
  • Is it me or have they just copied the GM ultralight design and updated it?

      19 days ago