- Gareth Jones and a pair of Pininfarinas

Gareth Jones On Speed #355

The PF0 electric hypercar, some of the loveliest cars ever designed and Paulo Pininfarina himself. Enhanced podcast with over 100 images OUT NOW!

2y ago

published: 29 November 2018

duration: 01:13:33

Presented by: Gareth Jones with Michael Perschke, Luca Borgogno, Paulo Pininfarina, Carlo Bonzanigo & Nick Heidfeld

#355 Pininfarina. Gareth takes a trip to Turin to visit the headquarters of one of the greatest names in car design and meets the people behind Automobili Pininfarina a new company designing and building the PF0, the fastest Italian road car ever built.



This is an enhanced podcast using the m4a file format which contains embedded images, we recommend that you play this episode in an application that will allow you to see the pictures of the cars as we are talking about them.

All images a copyright garethjones.tv Pininfarina and Mike Dodd

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