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Gareth Jones On Speed #404

Christmas with George Russell‘s family & Zog & Sarah write to Santa and Gareth sings Plygain. The Gareth Jones Jones On Speed Xmas Special OUT Now.

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published: 17 Dec 2020

duration: 01:01:03

Presented by: Gareth Jones, Sarah Leach & Zog

#404 Xmas Special. We review the season gone by, give gifts, virtually, read terrible Christmas cracker jokes, write poems and perform the Welsh tradition of Plygain, and share our hopes for the New Year. Plus new On Speed music with "Before Christmas".






Oh I always hope at this time of the year

That a gift might come my way

Oh the car that I dream of most nights when I’m asleep

And in truth I think of in the day.

It is small it isn’t vast

But above all it is fast

It's Italian and four-wheel drive

I know that tonight I shall struggle to sleep tight

In the hope that in the morning it arrives.

It is made by a brand

That you can’t buy in this land

A name that won Grands Prix in the fifties

And I remember when It got pole at Le Mans

Back in the 1980s

They made luxury saloons

And beautiful coupés,

Unbeatable back in the day

They won championships in rally

This car is is up my ally

A Lancia Delta Integrale.

Written, produced & performed by Gareth Jones

Before Christmas

Before Christmas

Gareth Jones On Speed - Before Christmas

It’s been a year full of regrets

Nights without sleep

Cold sweats

But my faith in you was restored

I’m not religious, but thank the Lord

That F1 came back on-board

And was still on TV just…… before Christmas.

I’m sure one race driver will look back

And think

"Maybe I should have taken a different tack,

Perhaps I shouldn’t have signed for Williams

And brought them cash from my sponsor in millions

But their poor performance has built my resilience

And at least Claire and Frank will have money in the bank Before Christmas".

Regrets, I’ve had a few

But I guess not as many as you

Perez I suppose your view is that

You should have closed a deal for a drive before Christmas.

Oh Bottas tries his best

But he couldn’t better Lewis

Once again this year

But there‘s one thing he’ll hold dear

That will bring him some Yuletide cheer

That in Saudi Arabia at least …. he finished one place ahead Lewis …. Before Christmas

And when Vettel takes time to reflect

He’ll think: “Hey, what the heck,

I’m a four-time champion,

And I know that won’t happen again

But from now on, I won’t have to deal with Scuderia politics

And at least I’ll have an Aston Martin before Christmas".

So when you think it’s been tough.

2020, we’ve had enough

Next year won’t be anywhere near as rough.

We’ll put Covid 19 behind us

And give each other a long-needed hug

Now’s the time to shake the bad stuff off

And look forward to some wonderful stuff

Before Christmas

Before Christmas.

Written, performed & produced by Gareth Jones

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Gareth Jones On Speed will return in 2021, for our 17th season.

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