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Gareth Jones On Speed #412

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5w ago

published: 01 April 2021

duration: 00:38:09

Presented by: Gareth Jones, Sarah Leach & Zog

#412 F1's Back. We review the 1st race of the 2021 F1 season and catch up on Formula 2 too. Otmar Szafnauer and Adrian Newey do a little gardening and Billy Monger meets Stephen Fry. Plus new On Speed music F1’s Back 2021.



F1's Back 2021

F1's Back 2021

F1's Back 2021

F1’s back

And so’s Aston Martin

But I bet the team regrets Perez departing

Alonso’s back too

Old team, new name

Different branding

(Performance is the same).

Bottas missed his goal

Lewis maxed out

Max got pole

With Honda clout.

On the formation lap

Checo faced defeat

Went for a reset


Mercedes were brilliant

Back in their workshop

But I bet they wish they could say that

About Bottas’s stop.

I hope that Max can make it tough

For Lewis to make it 8

Coz when those two race wheel to wheel

F1’s flaming great.


Written, performed & produced by Gareth Jones

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