Gary West at Australian Hill Climb Championships

- Gary West taking off at the 2019 Australian Hill Climb Championships / PHOTO: BeardySnaps

This was one of my favourite photos from the 2019 Australian Hill Climb Championships. This was taken on the first day of competition and would unfortunately be one of only a few photos taken of Gary's car on track. Leading up to the event, his warehouse that housed his car, spare parts, data, and much more burnt down. Luckily his car and one set of tyres were sitting on a trailer safely away from the fire. During his practice session the day before, the car had issues and him and his team worked through the night to get the car back ready for the first timed run. During that run, his engine had another issue which would rule him out for the rest of the weekend. Heartbreaking but the wording on the back of his car really surmised him and his team that weekend. One Team One Dream.

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