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Many months ago while scrolling through Instagram which I do maybe 3 or 4 times a day I came across Gary's profile through a Silvia lovers group...they had shared a before and after picture of his ps13...wondering if there was anymore pictures I clicked on his Instagram name and clicked follow....what an aladdin's cave of pictures.... a black ps13 one of my dream cars.

Conversation soon followed with Gary about the car and both our loves for the ps13's but this wasnt Gary's first ps13 nor was it his first Silvia.

Gary told me that he has been into cars since he turned 17 he bought an ford escort 1.6 si 3 door but when he turned 18 he switch the the RWD life when he bought an MR2 gt he held onto the car for a round a year when he had his first sideways encounters in a wet carpark.

While he talked to a friend who owned a 200sx s14 he told him about a web based forum called Driftworks so as all us petrol heads do he joined the forum and started to read about drifting and also learning how to drift.

Moving on from the MR2 Gary bought his first s13 which he rebuilt the engine of 3 times before giving up on said s13.

A while later he bought his first black ps13 from a guy who wrote for Practical performance magazine, it was set up for drifting so he decided to book himself into a learn to drift day in Silverstone. Once there he soon got tired of doing doughnuts and ended up leaving the day with a Eurodrift license.

Big Booty!

Big Booty!

He competed at Teeside autodrome in the final round of Eurodrift 2006 2 weeks later where he qualified in the top 16 but was knocked out by the pro class champion Paz.

From there Gary has owned another s13,s14,s15, rx7 fc turbo, Skyline r32 4door and a toyota corrola ae86 coupe.

The car is my Daily driver and will be used on track too from time to time for the occasional drift practice day. He has owned this ps13 18 months and has big plans for it, i was bored of driving a sensible car (nevara pickup) and needed to scratch the drifting itch again after 6 years away from the scene being a grown up.

Big Booty B!%*h

Big Booty B!%*h

Since getting the car i have made a lot of changes to make the car friendlier to drift while trying to maintain a reasonable comfortable daily, Gary told me.



So what is the spec of this ps13 you ask?

Ghostly going on's!

Ghostly going on's!

1991 PS13 K's

Redtop Streightcam SR20DET

Trust FMIC,‚Äč

Trust mushroom filter,

Japspeed Elbow, flexi downpipe, decat,

ISR cat back twin shotgun blast pipes,

Gizmo II electronic boost controller set to 0.98 bar

T28 turbo

Welded diff 4:1 ratio

Driftworks CS2 coilovers

Driftworks front tension rods

Driftworks rear camber arms

Driftworks solid steering bush

Modded Front knuckles

Japspeed front Lower arms

Hydro handbreak

Black Diamond groved disks

Black Diamond pads

UK S13 rear drum/disk setup

Driftworks 25mm Hubcentric spacers front

XXR 527 17- 9.75 ET25 wheels

S15 front seats

Steering wheel (unknown)

Project touge gear shifter

Boomex bodykit (soon to be replaced) .

I asked Gary what his future plans were.....future plans are to fit lots of parts i have already sitting around, larger turbo, injectors, plenum and larger throttle body ect.. have the F-CON S mapped to around 350bhp for a safe reliable engine.

Now sit back and enjoy more black booty goodness.....

Smooth interior

Smooth interior

Big thanks to Gary for letting me feature this stunning ps13!

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