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Gas hoarding woman’s car bursts into flames after flipping while running from cop

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4w ago

A woman in South Carolina who was hoarding gas panicked Thursday and ended up flipping her car which then burst into a fireball thanks to gas she had been hoarding exploded.

According to the Pickens County Sheriff’s office a deputy tried to stop a 2007 Pontic G6 after seeing a license plate that was stolen.

"The driver of the Pontiac turned left onto Wolf Creek Road and accelerated the vehicle in an attempt to elude law enforcement," the sheriff's office said in a statement. "The deputy then activated his vehicle’s siren. Before the deputy could complete radio traffic with the Communications center, the driver of the Pontiac lost control of the vehicle leaving the roadway and completely flipping the vehicle."

According to the report, multiple explosions" could be heard coming from inside the car. When the driver, identified as Jessica Gale Patterson, got out of the car, she was on fire.

"The deputy pushed Ms. Patterson to the ground in order to put out the flames," the sheriff's office said.

Patterson, 28, was taken to a hospital. Her condition was unknown Friday.

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  • It’s not like we have a giant shortage or something. She’s a lunny.

      29 days ago
  • Well burned... I mean earned

      26 days ago
  • woman moment

      26 days ago
  • Well the article title says it all.

      26 days ago
  • Pretty curious we have a lot of ‘gas hoarding’ headlines. Even here. Making sure you have enough fuel to get around to do your job, get food and pickup your kids is not wrong. Its time we stop this attempted shaming of every little thing people do to live.

      29 days ago
    • Well you see, it’s because some people are taking more than they need. “Panic buying.” And they’re doing it dangerously, like the people filling up water bottles and plastic bags with gas.

        29 days ago
    • Come on Robert - how about running a car that isn’t the size of a house and does more than 10mpg. Then how about the kids cycle or walk to school. And how about walking or cycling to your local market for some food? Plenty of people get by without a...

      Read more
        28 days ago