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Gasly 2020 vs Alesi 1995: which win was better?

Was Pierre Gasly's win at the 2020 Italian Grand Prix better than Jean Alesi's 1995 Canadian Grand Prix victory?

4w ago

Jonathan: Don't ask me how I thought of this, but whose win would you rank as better? Pierre Gasly's 2020 win in Italy or Jean Alesi 1995 Canada.

Nick: Hmm.

Jonathan: which win would you rank higher than the other as: 'it was worth it' or 'they deserved it'.

Nick: Gasly's.

Jonathan: [Laughs.] Is that because 500 cars retired in Canada?

Nick: That and... Okay. Hamilton had to do his [penalty] stop. Fine. But, you still had [Carlos] Sainz and [Lance] Stroll hustling hard behind. He still had to do a job — and he did the job very very well — and kept a very cool head in the process actually. So yeah, Gasly for me.

Jonathan: Okay sorry Jean Alesi, but yeah, you're not on Nick's "I'm worthy of a very lucky only win of my career list."

Nick: I'm not on Alesi's Christmas card list either.

Jonathan: [Laughs.] Awwww. Nawwww. Poor you.

Nick: [Laughs.]

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  • Gasly's win was great, but I think you are selling Alesi a little short. Lots of cars retired yes, but Alesi got himself up to second on a wet-to-dry track, so the only retirement that really helped him was the big one of Schumacher, which is akin to Hamilton's pit stop error. I'm a big fan of both drivers though, so not having a go at Pierre. As you say he had work to do too to get it done. I made a video on Alesi’s only win if anyone is interested. 🙂 youtu.be/YfdZXLLryG8

      1 month ago