- Pierre Gasly on the podium at Monza

Gasly is the Driver of the 2020 Season

Hamilton and Verstappen just aren't near Gasly this year.

31w ago

Pierre Gasly has not had it easy within his Formula 1 career. But 2020, has made him the stand out driver of the season. He may only be tenth in the standings, but there is everything brilliant about his performance this year.

Sure Gasly has only won one race, but so has Max Verstappen. Sure, Gasly has not become the statistical best driver of all time, like Lewis Hamilton. But he has continuously impressed everyone in a competitive midfield.

What exactly gives Gasly the status of the driver of the 2020 season? Look to his stats; he has finished ten races out of thirteen races— only two of those he has completed outside of the point positions. He is also tenth in the standings with 63 points, one single point behind Alex Albon in the other Red Bull. As mentioned, he also has one win.

Sure, it may not all stand out, when you compare it to Hamilton or Verstappen. But the two drivers, are expected to be the best of the season because they're the two lead drivers at the two top teams.

Gasly is not. He drives in a midfield team, with a lesser car. A car which shouldn't win a race. It stacks up for Gasly as to why he should be seen as the top driver this year.

It's not just the stats; it is performances such as qualifying in Imola. Gasly produced a beautiful lap to qualify fourth. Of course, he had a DNF in the race, but that was out of his hands.

The ability he showed, controlling the race in Monza at the 2020 Italian Grand Prix. Gasly made his talent clear has he fought of Sainz, Stroll and other drivers to win the race. He also had to keep them behind and defend well. Which he did, as we all know.

There is also the element of Gasly's story, which is adding to why people appreciate his season. He was dropped from Red Bull and sent back to AlphaTauri as we all well know. The story is redeeming, a happy story we all wanted to hear as fans.

It all characterises Gasly as a top driver, a driver who is not in the best car but has been continuously performing. He might not be higher up in the standings like Daniel Ricciardo in the Renault or like Sergio Perez in the Racing Point. But he has been more noticeable than them, as he outperforms his car every week.

Is this the chance Gasly has to show himself off to Red Bull? Yes. It is the chance he has to showcase him to all the teams in Formula 1.

This season of 2020, will go down as one of the craziest and a record-breaking one. But it will go down as Gasly's standout until maybe he just finds himself in a top team (which isn't toxic).

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Comments (8)

  • Definitely, like Sainz last year. Just keeps delivering and takes every chance!

      7 months ago
  • His bounce back from last year has been nothing short of astonishing. Deserved that win in Monza and it is brilliant to see the name he's making for himself! Shows that maybe sometimes being in a top team isn't everything

      7 months ago
    • A large part of it is the culture. Red Bull's A-team is such a cut-throat place to be that I wouldn't blame someone like Alex Albon from cracking under the pressure -- we know he's good enough to hang with Lewis. Pierre getting these results...

      Read more
        7 months ago
  • Welcome back! - thought we'd lost you to uni until Christmas... I think Gasly could have a great future in F1 - wouldn't be surprised to see him take Ocon's seat at Renault (or Alonso's), a year leading the AT team will be good for him (as long as Tsunoda doesn't show him up too much) - the sooner he moves on from the Red Bull family the better...

      7 months ago
  • I really like Gasly, he is a great driver and so humble and his comeback after being fired from redbull was inspiring. I think Red Bull should rethink about its drivers management because every driver who goes there become so weak. First gasly and now albon.

      7 months ago
  • Definitely agree he has been more noticeable than some of the midfielders higher up the standings. Despite him being in the “B team” he always seems to be the second Red Bull car on track.

      7 months ago