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The British GP Practise 1 Round up!

A bit of a action packed FP1 session i have to say, with drivers going off left, right and centre. But i think the most unusual thing was Gasly topping first practice. The reset must of worked for him as he was almost half a second quicker than second placed Bottas and 8 Tenths quicker than Teammate Verstappen. So a great start of the weekend for Red Bull, even if Gasly was on low fuel it will do his confidence a world of good. It must be the 007 sponsorship.

So lately there has been a lot of news around Haas and there sponsorship with Rich Energy, Which I talk about here, and I think all that pressure has been getting to Grosjean and i think he wanted to take things into his own hands. However i don't think the best way is to CRASH into the pit lane to smash of the front wing. I have no idea how he manged that, but it looks like he lost the rear... going 30 Mph, weird right.


But Haas are still hoping to find the tyre issue cause, and this weekend have taken all the updates off of Grosjean's car to find the issue, this could be why he spun. Lets hope they find a solution, and quick.

In other news, Kimi caused a red flag, as his Ferrari powered Alfa Romeo had "Engine Problems", which caused Kimi to ride his Alfa to the edge of the track, which was quite funny. However as I write Kimi is currently on track, so hopefully no penalties for Alfa this weekend.

Also, recently Silverstone has been resurfaced as last year, drives claimed the circuit was "Too Bumpy" so a few weeks ago it was surfaced so it would be smoother. However the cool weather and the new surface combo doesn't suit well with F1 Cars as we saw a few cars slide off track. All 3 rookies in Alex Albon, Lando Norris and George Russell all had fun exploring the track, as well as Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton and of course our favourite Romain Grosjean.

So this weekend it seems that its going to be a close fight between the top 3, as Ferrari are rockets in a straight line and Mercedes are quick in the corners, and Red Bull are also looking quicker thanks to Honda. Can we see a Ferrari win?

It also seems that a fight between Mclaren and Renault, as both are topping the Formula 1.5, look out for a good fight there this weekend.

Here are the Times below!

Credit @F1

Lets watch closely in FP2 to see if Red Bull can keep up this pace!

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