Gatebil 2016

2y ago


Getting up at 4am on a Thursday in July wasn't the highlight of my year. Trying to navigate my way through Edinburgh fuelled by caffeine and nothing else was a challenge. Finding my way through to Edinburgh Airport and to the nearest Starbucks, it started to hit home what I was about to embark upon.

C'mon guys, I had to have a Top Gun moment outside the Airport.

So a couple of hours later, the plane touched down in the country where I'd be spending the next few days.. Norway. Flashback a few days and I had made the impulsive decision to apply for media for Gatebil 2016. Amazingly I got it. Even more amazingly I actually didn't have a heart attack in shock. Back in realtime, we got to the hotel and unloaded more camera equipment than is healthy to carry. An early night was in order as tomorrow, it was a 6am start and.. it was Gatebil time.

When this greets you at work, how could you not love your job? There is drifting coming I promise.

After picking up my media bib and putting it on, which entailed me feeling as though I had just been given a knighthood or a Gold Bullion for 3 days, I headed over the side of the track to go do what I do best.. photography. Now I knew the level of driving here would be insane, along with the cars, but I didn't expect how insane it actually was. First off was the Time Attack, a collection of crazy cars racing around the track to get the fastest time. Think flames, supercars, supercharged crazy pieces of kit.

Day Two: So after waking up resembling a lobster and realising it wasn't the best look I've had, off I went to day two of this awesome event. On came the day of drifting and the Super 3. This involved drifting in teams of 3 to see who could keep in sync whilst drifting around the circuit at speeds pushing 100+mph. Now this, this was fun to shoot!

Day Three: The final day in Norway was here! I did consider several times trying to get a job here and staying there, but I've also considered buying a Ferrari a few times, both of which are never going to happen. After shooting the final day of Gatebil it was sadly time to head back to the UK. Several things were learnt on this trip. Firstly, that Gatebil is f*%£#*g awesome and worth the visit for any petrolhead. Secondly, that Norwegians are by far one of the most chilled nationalities and amazingly welcoming. Thirdly, you CANNOT I repeat CANNOT keep up with the Norwegians when it comes to Drinking. Just don't try.

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