Gazoo Racing GT Cup 2021 , concluding with the final round a month away.

What to expect from one of the most competitive GT Cup series in Gran Turismo Sport.

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Gazoo Racing, Toyotas team to create performance vehicles such as the GR Yaris, GR Supra, and GR86, are making a name for themselves towards having groundbreaking sports cars capable right out of the factory. Gran Turismo Sport is giving players an experience of some of their Gazoo Racing vehicles. Gazoo Racing, an official partner of the FIA Gran Turismo Championship, released on April 6 another racing cup similar to the previous year’s GR Supra GT cup. This year’s series is enjoyable rather than a one-make series with only the GR Supra. This series features seven rounds with different conditions and tracks and other one-make vehicles.

Except for the first round, I have made free time to participate in every round of the series. So far, I have enjoyed the series, which, regarding the different conditions with fuel and tire wear, was more about drivers’ ability to adapt to the various vehicles on these diverse tracks. I have won each round of racing with players who have a driving rating of C and B. I am looking forwards to the last round that involves the GR86 at Mount Panorama.

I will be looking forward to this race as I plan to stream it live for those who would like to watch it. Let me know what you guys think of Gazoo Racing. Don’t forget to hit a like and follow for more gaming news and content with my FR-S and MR2. Be safe out there and be fantastic as always.

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