- 2​021 Genesis G70 sedan

G​enesis G70 already revised next year

I​t seems that it just came out. But Genesis is making sure all their models get that giant "Superman grille" and these double thin line LED lights, front and rear. I guess the G70 was design right before they came up with their "Signature design cues"... Which is really too bad for people who bought the early G70... (What a way to reward early adopters)

1y ago
2​021 Genesis G70

2​021 Genesis G70

E​ven though they have covered most of the car, the main design is expected to be the same. Except front and rear ends... The base 2.0 Liter will also be replaced by a larger and more powerful 2.5 Liter Turbo .

N​ext year will be a big one for the fresh Genesis brand. They will also unveil a brand new version of their larger G80 sedan. Their new GV 80 SUV. And the smaller GV70. And they are rumored to actually be entering the European market as well. Let's hope they do better than Infiniti...

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  • Is it just me, or does this look like a 'me too', same old, same old?

      1 year ago